Manuscripts should be submitted electronically in MS Word (.doc/.docx) format via email to articles[at]srinagarlawjournal[dot] com only and Manuscripts received by any other means will not be considered.  

The articles should be upto 3000 to 4000 and must be an exclusive contribution for the Journal. 

Articles should be accompanied by an abstract of not more than 150 words.  

The cover page should contain the title of the paper, author(s)’s name, contact numbers and e-mail address.  

The body text should be with ‘1.5’ line spacing and font size ‘10’ in Bookman Old Style font.  

The main headings should be aligned on the left and numbered 1, 2 and so on.

The next level headings should be aligned on the left and be numbered 1.1, 1.2, 2.1, 2.2 and so on.  

Quotations within the text should be enclosed within “double quotation” marks.

If quotations run for three lines or more,  “they should be separated from the rest of the text and indented.”  

Footnotes should be marked clearly in the text in numeric order after a point of punctuation (…in the judgment.1), and listed atthe bottom of each page with ‘single’ line spacing and font size ‘10’ in Times New Roman font.  

“Assesntinum” uses ILI Rules of Footnoting. Click here to see the rules.  

The contribution must be original in nature and should neither be published nor under consideration for publication elsewhere.Discretion to publish an article is with the Editor.

Decision to publish an article is based on double-blind review (that is, the authors do not know who the reviewers are, and the reviewers do not know who the authors are).

We do not send papers for review that are outside the scope of the journal or do not comply with the guidelines for authors.  

If an article is not published within 6 months from the date of submission, the author(s) may withdraw the article with prior permission from the Editor or keep the article with the Publisher for future publication, unless it is rejected. 

The copy right of the contributions published in the Journal i.e with the publisher of the Journal.  

The Editor has the right to modify / edit any content / title of the submitted article to suit the need of the Journal, without affecting the spirit of the article.





I/we hereby declare that this article/paper, etc, which I/we have submitted for publication in Srinagar Law Journal’s Assentinum, is my/our own original work and has not been copied from the any other work of any person, save and to the extent that such work has been cited and acknowledged at relevant places of my/our article/paper. Wherever direct quotations from books, journal, articles, internet sources or any other source have been made, the same have been acknowledged and the source cited have been identified in the footnotes. I/we are aware of and understand that plagiarism, collusion, and copying are grave and serious offences and accept the penalties that would be imposed should I/we engage in plagiarism, collusion or copying. Also I/we undertake that I/we shall be responsible and liable to indemnify the publisher for any loss caused to him in case of any suit or proceedings for plagiarism, collusion, and copying.